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In the evening of April 7, 2005£¨the lunar calendar£©, when we appreciated the night scene pictures on the computer, it was unexpected that we found the moon was quite different that the naked eye saw: The moon looks like dancing and sliding a beautiful trace.
In the evening of April 10, 2005£¨the lunar calendar£©, by the picture we found the moon is not the first quarter moon but a full moon, diffusing and with strong halo.
Why the moon was so different? Out of curiosity, we specialized to take photos of moon. As expected, many pictures showed more super-normal phenomena about the moon: some showed many moons overlapping, some recorded a continuous trace of the moon, and some displayed the moon looks like a rabbit, a key, a letter or other something.
We tried to describe the appearances of the moon in the pictures accurately, but it is not easy! We have consulted a number of the related data but haven¡¯t find similar scientific literature or news report. So, why the moon shows and what the moon means by that, we only to say, it is a secret.
Moon photos show