Simple Classification about the Moons Change Trace

Moon photos record its change traces and the traces are various: sometimes the traces are simple, but sometimes they are complex; some are smooth, but some have breakpoints; some are single trajectory, but some have more than one path, and so on. In order to better and further study the changes of the moon, the paper will have a simple classification about the moons traces.

Test condition(s)Observe the photos

Change or not
The angle of observing
Trace description
Photos list
No change
The moon's trace has no change.
Change intensity
Small change, trace clear to determine

Great change, many directions, complicated trace
Traces continuity

The trace is smooth and no breakpoint.

Not always continuous, having obvious breakpoints where the trace is not smooth.
Traces repeatability
The trace is single(most photos have only one trace).

There are two or more same traces on one photo.