The Shapes And Structures of The Orbs

Judging from the current photographs, the orb has a certain shape, structure, size, color and other characteristics. To know more about orbs, this article tried to analyze their shapes and structures. But only based on the photographs to study the orbs, it maybe has some mistakes and even errors because of the following reasons.
One, the photographer took the photos only in one direction, so it is hard to look the orb's figures in 3D space.
Two, some orbs are not very clear, so its not easy to describe their shapes and structures.
Three, the small orb, magnified by the computer, become blurred and border sharpening, so its shape and structure maybe change.
Even then, analyzing the shape and structure of the orb by the photos is still meaningful, we can gain much intuitive understanding of the orbs.
1 The shapes of orbs
By the current photographs, most orbs are round, secondly are hexagon. Observing some blurry orbs and magnifying some small orbs, we found more shapes.

Analyzing the shapes of the orbs(Test conditions: Observe the photos)

Sample photos
Possible solid figure

All the orbs are round although they are of different structure and color.

Globe or other something


Regular hexagon with clear edge Polyhedron or other something
With a long tail, like a comet. Aimilar to comet or other something
Two- ball
Two balls like twin. Twin balls or other something
No regular shape Something

At present, we mainly have found the above mentioned shapes.
2 The structures of the orbs
From the photos, even though the most orbs are not clear enough, but some individual orbs are so clear that we are sure that the orb has a unique internal structure actually.

Analyzing the structures of the orbs(Test conditions: Observe the pictures).

Sample photos
Three layers, from outside to inside:
1.First layer, the outer layer, a clear circle.
2.Second layer, the middle layer, a regular circle.
3.Third layer, the inner layer, also regular and clear.
4.Between the first layer and the second layer there is a clear and regular transitional area.

This orb looks like a green ball:
1.Outer layer,surrounded with some green and transparent substance.
2.Inner layer, seems like an entity with special structure.

Three layers:
1.The first layer, a clear circle with light blue halo.
2.Second layer, a regular circle.
3.Third layer, looks like a building with four big bounding wall.

This orb looks like a solid with three layers:
1.First layer, a thick circle with halo.
2.Second layer, a refined circle.
3.Third layer, looks like an outstanding and round building.

The above mentioned examples illustrate that the orb has certain internal structure. The structures of the orbs are various too.