Is It A New Substance?

Sometimes, some orbs are coming out on the photographs. Generally, they are taken as the dust particles or blobs. Are they really the ordinary matters? When on different occasions some very clear and similar orbs were found, we deeply feel this phenomenon can not be ignored.
¢ñ Photos show

Shooting time:
13/08/2008 20£º38
Shooting time:
25/07/2008 19£º16
Shooting time:
13/08/2008 20£º26
Shooting time:
21/07/2008 00£º22
Shooting time:
21/07/2008 00£º02

¢ò The features of the orbs
First, all orbs are similar: round in shape, with three layers, and the inner layer looks like an outstanding building.
Second, every orb¡¯s center layer is obvious octagon , and all parts of every octagon are corresponding.¡¡
Third, every orb is colorful and bright, with blue light halo.¡¡
¢ó Analyzing
What is the orb? By observing these photos we can have further understanding:
First, for the specific and clear structure they can be divided from the general dust particles or blobs.
Second, by the similar structure of the orbs we can not be sure they are the same one, but at least they are the same species.
Third, they appeared on different occasions, and if they are the same one, which indicates the orb is moving.
Fourth, if they are not the same one but the same species, and they appeared times and times, which is also profound in meaning.
Fifth, such substance is invisible to the naked eye, which means that it may not belong to the visible spectrum.
Sixth, such substance has a special structure, and the expression on the picture doesn¡¯t mean its panorama, because the camera is one point of view, perhaps only found its one side.
By those pictures, it can be sure the existence of orb, but ¡°what is the orb¡± is also lack of evidence. If they are really something unknown to people, then the being and meaning of SLD need more attention.