Classification and Simple Analysis to the Strong Light

The photos record the existing of the strong lights and their moving traces. We find the kinds of the strong lights are various, this paper is trying to have a brief introduction.

Color and halo
Sample photos
Bright spheres
White, with the halo
Beside the tower with blue halo.
Light beams


Many light beams.
The red beam is even and smooth.
Smooth, no halo
One end of the beam is brighter.
The beam is even and smooth.

Sstrengthened light

Strengthened light is from the real lamp-house, and most are white.

Candlelight: both the size and the brightness of the flame are strengthened for several times.

Lamplight: it is shining around, and the brightness is strengthened for several times.
Diffuse light
It seems that a mass of golden strong lights are coming from sky and clouding the roof, the house and the earth.
The air is filled with a mass of red light, things behind which are invisible.

Note: This classification is based on current photos, and it does not mean the actual or the whole types of strong lights.